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Triomphant is a communications and public relations firm that was founded by partners of international and diverse industry backgrounds who believe in serving our communities and clients with honesty, integrity, trust and respect. Many, having worked on the client side of the business, have created a culture of social responsibility and a team that views business, first and foremost, from the client's perspective.

Our strong belief in service is how the company name was chosen. Triomphant Communications is named after all men and women who serve, whether it be for the military, a NGO or a non-profit organization. Le Triomphant was the flagship of the Free French Pacific squadron, one of the fastest Destroyers during World War II, and served alongside the allies in the Pacific Theatre. Her men faced many uphill challenges and survived due to a little bit of luck, brilliant strategies but most of all because of sheer drive and determination.

As a company, we believe that no challenge is insurmountable. Our team believes in open and honest communications and builds strategies that benefit our clients and the audiences they wish to reach. Our belief is that success is always attainable and that being a leader means working side by side with your team and partners to achieve set objectives that benefit all.

We thank all that came before us — for without them we would not exist.

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