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Taking The Podium


ShelterPoint Life Insurance is the number one provider of disability insurance in New York State and one of the fastest growing providers nationally. Yet, no one really knew who they were.

The insurance industry is incredibly saturated. To grow into the new Paid Family Leave category of insurance, ShelterPoint needed to differentiate itself from other companies.

The best way to differentiate yourself is to be one of the undeniable thought leaders on a topic. We set out to help ShelterPoint claim a preeminent spot in the field of PFL legal learning.


To stand out in an industry of insurance giants we chose to develop a PFL panel discussion, made up of ShelterPoint leadership, HR and legal experts. We had little time to garner attention and believed this would attract a strong following and press for a company whose name was little known.

The panel discussion received the highest certification by the New York Society of Human Resource Management and was the fastest sold out event in
that organization's history in New York, helping cement ShelterPoint as the PFL authority. Key media such as FOX, CBS affiliates, Newsday among others began to seek direct guidance from ShelterPoint on the newly mandated law. Over a half a dozen media interviews were conducted by major media within 1 month. ShelterPoint’s PFL landing page became the go-to site for all things PFL and they continue to stand out as the PFL leader in the policy’s first year. Our team continues to provide support to the company on key communications efforts.

case study

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