case study

U.S. Army

Found In Translation


For the United States Army, the ability to recruit local native translators in countries around the world is key to the mission.

Our challenge was to achieve mission critical and impossible by shifting perception of Army before some of the most doubtful communities living in the U.S. today, the Afghan, Iranian and Pakistani Pashtun American communities.

To convince people originally of war torn countries like Afghanistan, to work with the military, we knew we had to shift perception and establish commonalities.


We established key influencer relationships at a grassroots level and built community and media roundtables. Through this we developed media interviews with army personnel and influencers to discuss common goals and clear up misconceptions. We facilitated relationship between the army and communities that bridged the cultural gaps.

We achieved and even exceeded Army’s objectives within 18 months. The timeline was originally placed at 3 years. Persuasive interviews shifted perception and showed the human side of the military, establishing strong ties and collaboration. Efforts yielded a number of relationships between the Army and key community influencers that allowed for 3rd party credibility. As a communication agency we have now been working with Army on diverse community communications for nearly a decade.

case study

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