case study

Western Union

Shutting Down The Rumor Mill


Western Union, a global money transfer company, was facing disruptive competition, declining revenue in key international markets, and a nasty negative campaign on social media claiming Western Union was out of touch.

Our challenge was not just to increase market share, but to also rebuild the foundations of consumer trust.

When we spoke to people, we found that almost any provider was viewed negatively. Target audiences revealed to us that real community presence was the only way to build meaningful connections.


Our method was to connect to true community centers of influence and media to stop negative comments and rebuild a positive reputation.

Community meetings led to winning over key influencers whom became 3rd party advocates and they fought back against Western Union reputational attacks. The social media negativity downward spiral was stopped, helping in part to allow company revenue to grow 3-5% year on year.

case study

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